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Pack 500 lb. Rated Lightweight Stadium Chair-Handle-Padded Seat - Purple

Pack 500 lb. Rated Lightweight Stadium Chair-Handle-Padded Seat - Purple

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Love your team but hate those bleachers Ever feel like youre the one who got tackled when the games over Now theres a better way! Watch the game from the comfort of your Ultra-Padded Stadium Chair. Compact and portable folding chair with a built-in carrying handle and sturdy grip, this stadium seat is the lightest of its kind. Weighing in at a mere 7.6 pounds, this amazing seat can support up to 500 pounds to accommodate most users. With its 3 inch foam seat, youll be so comfortable you wont want the game to end. If youre worried about safety this padded stadium chair features rubber strips on the bottom to prevent the seat from sliding. A built-in bleacher hook provides added stability when sitting on wooden and metal bleachers and easily pivots out of the way to sit on the ground. Did you jump up to cheer and forgot you had your drink or nachos in your hand Fear not, this bleacher chair can be spot cleaned with a wet cloth, for tough stains use a solvent based cleaner. Not just for game day, take your game day chair with you when you go camping, to the beach, and to outdoor concerts. Theyre so comfortable they feel like youre sitting on a sofa!!!!

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