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512gb Av Pro Cfexpress 2.0 Type B Se Memory Card (2-Pack)

512gb Av Pro Cfexpress 2.0 Type B Se Memory Card (2-Pack)

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512gb Av Pro Cfexpress 2.0 Type B Se Memory Card Av Pro Cfexpress Se Type B Memory Card Captures Every Detailed Frame In Raw 8k+ Resolution And Is The Perfect Transitional Media For Professionals Looking To Test The Limits Of What This New Technology Can Offer. The Cfexpress Se Card Combines Features Of Stable Stream And Sustained Write Speed Of 800 Mb/S To Maintain Performance For Extended Duration Recording. Available Exclusively In A 512 Gb Option, This All-Rounder Capacity Is An Ideal Solution For Less Demanding Production Jobs Where A Single Card Can Get You Through The Days Shooting. Speed Sustained Write Speed Of 800 Mb/S Supports Consistent Write Performance For Long-Duration Recording Throughout The Capacity Of The Card. Stable Stream Stable Stream Offers Uninterrupted Read And Write Performance For Smooth, Drop-Free Results. Thermal Management Advanced Thermal Management Protects Card And Content From Effects Of Overheating. Processing Power Exceptional Processing Power For Raw Photo And Video Content Creation. Power Management Adaptive Power Management Improves Battery Run Time While Host Power Loss Protection Signals A Safe Shutdown To Protect Content In The Event Of A Sudden Power Loss.

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