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Blooms - American Red Maple Tree, 5ÔÂ6ÈÕ Ft. - No Shipping To Az

Blooms - American Red Maple Tree, 5ÔÂ6ÈÕ Ft. - No Shipping To Az

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Famous For Its Brilliant, Easy-Growing Foliage Why American Red Maple Trees Vibrant Color And Rich Reds Are Synonymous With The American Red Maple Tree. The Red Maple Truly Earns Its Name, With Its Red Flowers In Early Spring, Red Twigs Of New Development, And Spectacular Red Leaves In Fall. Its Dazzling Fall Show Is Further Diversified With A Few Orange Or Gold Shades Under Certain Weather Conditions. Even Better, The American Red Maple Adapts To Any Environment. The American Red Maple Tree Is One Of The Most Populous Trees In The Eastern U.S. Because It Adapts So Well To Many Different Environments. It Is Quite Drought-Tolerant, But Will Grow In Wet Boggy Areas, Especially In The Southern Portion Of Its Range. Plus, This Ultra-Strong Maple Grows In Nearly Any Soil Type, From Sandy Loam To Heavy Clay. And Though Its Leaf Colors Can Be Affected By Less-Than-Ideal Conditions, It Even Tolerates Pollution And An Urban Environment. Not Only Will It Provide Excellent Protection From The Summer Sun, But It Will Also Boast A Brilliant Show In Fall. Now, You Get A Great Experience From Healthy Roots To Well-Developed-Branching. Its An Experience Thats Unique To Our Nursery. Change Your Landscape, Beautifully, With This Gorgeous Shade Tree.

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