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Blooms - Navel Orange Tree, 2ÔÂ3ÈÕ Ft. - No Shipping To Az, Al, Ca, Fl, Ga, La, Tx, Or

Blooms - Navel Orange Tree, 2ÔÂ3ÈÕ Ft. - No Shipping To Az, Al, Ca, Fl, Ga, La, Tx, Or

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Enjoy Juices And Snacks, Packed With Vitamin C The Navel Orange Produces Ripe, Naturally Sweet Fruit Early. Youll Get Fruit In The Next Year Or Two. As Your Tree Matures, It Will Produce Larger And Larger Oranges. Navel Oranges Are Low-Maintenance Citrus Trees That Adapt To A Wide Range Of Soil Conditions. They Even Tolerate A Light Frost! Your Fresh-Picked Navel Oranges Will Have So Much More Flavor Than Those You Find At Your Local Supermarket. Theyre Also Loaded With Vitamin C, Which Keeps Your Immune System Strong. You Also Get Tons Of Antioxidants, Which Have Anti-Aging Benefits. Enjoy Sweet, Fragrant Blooms Youll Wish That Heavenly Fragrance Would Hang Around A Lot Longer, But It Must Leave To Produce Your Oranges. Select An Open Full Sun Spot That Will Let Your New Navel Orange Tree Mature To Its Full Size. Plant These Pest And Disease Resistant Citrus Trees, Water And Stand Back To Enjoy The Rewards! If You Live In An Area Colder Than Growing Zone 8, Plant Your Trees In Pots On Your Patio. In The Winter Time, You Must Bring Them Inside Near A Sunny Window. Youll Be Harvesting A Bumper Crop Of Oranges In November Or December, Depending On Your Location. Oranges Have A Long Storage Life, So Theres No Need To Worry About How Youll Use The Huge Bounty Of Juicy, Seedless Oranges All At Once. Brighter Blooms Takes Great Pride In Delivering Healthy, Vigorous Trees. Your New Navel Orange Trees Will Arrive Ready To Go To Work In Your Yard From The Moment You Open The Box. | 2-3 Ft. - Navel Orange Tree - Get A Lifetime Of Oranges Anywhere In The Country, Outdoor Plant See How Our 30 Day Happy & Healthy Gaurantee Compares To Garden Goods Direct, Lowes. Home Depot, The Tree Center, Nature Hills Nursery, Great Garden Plants, More.

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