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Xf 90mm F/2 R Lm Wr Lens, Black With 62mm Filter Kit & 15x15 Lens Wrap

Xf 90mm F/2 R Lm Wr Lens, Black With 62mm Filter Kit & 15x15 Lens Wrap

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Introducing The Pinnacle Of Portrait Precision: The Xf90mm - F2 R Lm Wr Telephoto Lens - Stepping Into The Realm Of Masterful Photography Means Demanding Optics That Deliver. With An Impressive Optical Construction Of 11 Elements In 8 Groups, The Xf90mm - F2 R Lm Wr Stands As An Epitome Of Lens Craftsmanship. Among These, The Inclusion Of Three Ed Glass Elements Not Only Significantly Reduces The Curse Of Vignetting But Also Promises Enchanting Bokeh With Its Rounded Diaphragm. This Combination Unlocks New Horizons, Making The Lens An Impeccable Choice For Capturing Detailed Portraiture And Dynamic Sports Photography. Compact Design With Power-Packed Performance - Weighing In At Less Than 20 Ounces, This Lens Marvelously Balances A Large Maximum Aperture While Maintaining A Compact Footprint. Its Not Just About Aesthetics And Feel; The Lens Promises A Minimum Working Distance Of Approximately 24 Inches. This Flexibility Ensures Youre Primed For A Diverse Range Of Shooting Scenarios, From Intimate Close-Ups To Expansive Scenes. Breakthrough Quad Linear Motor: Swift, Silent, Sublime - Built With The Cutting-Edge Quad Linear Motor, The Xf90mm - F2 R Lm Wr Offers Autofocus Speeds As Zippy As 0.14 Seconds. Utilizing Four Magnets, It Achieves Higher Torque, Ensuring Your Focus Is Not Just Quick But Also Whisper-Quiet. This Blend Of Speed And Silence Lets You Capture The Fleeting Nuances Of A Subjects Expression, Cementing The Moment In Pixel-Perfect Clarity. Rugged Resilience: Crafted For The Elements - Bearing A Wr-Rating, This Lens Fearlessly Stands Against The Whims Of Nature. Whether Its Dust Storms In The Desert Or The Frosty Embrace Of Sub-Zero Temperatures (As Chilling As 14 Degree F), The Xf90mm - F2 R Lm Wr Ensures That Elements Remain Mere Backdrops And Never Barriers. Designed For X-Mount: Crystal Clear Vision In Any Light - Exclusively Tailored For Aps-C-Format X-Mount Mirrorless Cameras, This Prime Telephoto Lens Offers A 137mm Equivalent Focal Length. Coupled With A Bright F/2 Maximum Aperture, It Guarantees Striking Performance Even In Challenging Lighting. Whether Youre Chasing The Golden Hour Or Working In A Dimly Lit Studio, The Lens Offers Unparalleled Depth Of Field Control, Ensuring Your Subject Stands Out With Professional-Grade Clarity. Unwavering Color Accuracy And Clarity - Wave Goodbye To Chromatic Aberrations And Color Fringing. Thanks To Its Three Extra-Low Dispersion Elements, The Lens Promises Images That Resonate With Clarity And True-To-Life Colors. Every Shot Becomes A Testament To The Lenss Prowess, Ensuring Your Captures Echo With Authenticity. Unyielding Protection Against Glare And Ghosting - Every Ray Of Light Is A Double-Edged Sword. But With The Xf90mm - F2 R Lm Wrs Super Ebc Coating, Lens Flare And Ghosting Become Concerns Of The Past. Whether Youre Shooting Against The Sun Or In High-Contrast Scenarios, Expect Images That Are Rich In Contrast And Devoid Of Unwanted Distortions. Silent Partner: Autofocus Made Invisible - Video Creators Rejoice! With Its Quad Linear Motor Autofocus System, Focusing Is Not Only Swift But Also Eerily Silent. Whether Youre Capturing Cinematic Sequences Or Shooting In Environments Where Silence Is Golden, The Lens Works Seamlessly Without Drawing Attention. A Fortress Of Protection: Sealed For Perfection - Crafted To Accompany You On Every Adventure, The Lens Boasts Seven Distinct Weather Seals. Come Rain Or Shine, Dust Or Snow, The Lens Stands Resilient, Empowering You To Focus On Your Craft Without Fretting Over The Elements. With The Xf90mm - F2 R Lm Wr Telephoto Lens, Every Portrait Becomes A Story And Every Sports Capture, A Moment Of Adrenaline-Fueled Thrill.

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